Everyday Budget Look – Charna

Today my friend and make up lover Charna has kindly written us a guest blog post based upon her everyday makeup look using high street brand makeup.

My everyday look with budget makeup

Maybelline Dream Velvet soft matte hydrating foundation – Boots £7.99found

Matte foundations are always my go to foundation because I have oily/combination skin. It’s taken me ages to find the perfect one for me and finally Maybelline have released this beauty! It truly is amazing and gives a flawless coverage without the foundation looking cakey! I have a very light skin tone so I chose the shade 10-Ivory which matches me perfectly! With this foundation you only need to use the tiniest amount as the sayings goes “a little goes a long way.” You can build up this foundation if you wanted to if you were going on a night out but not to much as it might look a bit thick on the skin ( especially if you have a light skin tone like me.) When I apply this foundation I usually use a beauty blender to give a more flawless finish and with this foundation I don’t have to re apply throughout the day, it stays hydrated and fresh through the whole day! I would recommend this foundation to anybody!!

Rimmel London Super Curler volume and curl mascara – Superdrug £6.99

12499024_1666697633582289_1975472963_oI never used to be a fan of Rimmel London mascara and would always stick to the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast super volume mascara. However, I got this mascara in a Rimmel London goody bag and decided to give it a go and now I wouldn’t use anything else! This mascara is super easy to apply and curls the lashes to make them look thicker and fuller. Even with one coat they instantly look volumized but you can build them up with the lashes sticking together and make them look like ‘spider legs.’  I would definitely purchase this product again.

Makeup Revolution- goddess of love triple baked highlighter £4.99

12499457_1666697613582291_1256522391_oEvery girl loves a good highlighter to finish of their makeup look! One day I was browsing through the makeup isles in Superdrug and came across this beauty! It instantly caught my eye as the packaging was so pretty. Im going to admit when using this product I noticed  it isn’t the strongest highlight I’ve ever seen however it can be easily be built upon. I apply mine simply with an angled brush to give a very subtle natural look. As this product is cheap I mainly use it if I’m just going to work or popping to the shops.

Freedom Eyebrow Pomade- Superdrug £5
I find my eyebrows are the hardest part of my makeup to do as everyone, including me, wants perfectly shaped and natural looking brows! I previously heard of the Anastasia Beverley Hills range of brow pomades which were highly recommended however I didn’t want to spend the high end pricing for it. I bought this Freedom high street branded version from Superdrug for £5.  I got mine in shade Dark Brown as my eyebrows are naturally this colour. This product is formed as a gel but dries like a powder and to apply I only have to apply a tiny, tiny amount to the brush; I’ve had mine for about 3 months now and it has hardly gone down! I think this product is amazing and it saves me a whole lot of money!  When creating my perfect brows I top them off with a clear eyebrow gel to make the eyebrow look more fuller and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.



Inflation – the plain white T

To start of this post, below is a video which is worth watching as it discusses the very issues which this blog will mention.

UK’s increase in clothes prices

The prices of clothes is rising rapidly, this is well demonstrated by the plain white T. An item that may have previously only been £3/£4 is now being sold for around £20.

Due to issues such as tax disputes with parts of Asia, companies are struggling and therefore having to increase clothes prices.

Primark vs All Saints

All Saints is a good example of a store which overprice their items massively. A plain white T in All Saints amounts to £40 whereas an identical one in Primark can be found for £2.50! Of course the clothing quality isn’t going to be exactly the same however this is still a good example of extortionate clothing prices in the UK. Inflation has meant that more and more companies are increasing their prices to prices which are becoming unaffordable by average people on the high street.

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By the looks of things, inflation doesn’t seem to be on the decrease. How much higher can prices go before shopping trips decrease themselves?

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.44.57

NARS – Guest Blogger

Sweet Style has evolved from a simple blog about fashion and food to somewhere where friends want to blog and share their interests and get people involved and talking. Today’s guest blogger is Alice, a make-up lover who is here to share some of her favourite products.


Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation 

Nars have really knocked it out of the park with this foundation. It really is an incredible foundation for a person with an oily/combination skin type thanks to the velvet matte finish. However it also works beautifully on a dry complexion that has been moisturised before application. The beauty of this foundation is the flawless coverage you get as well as the dewy glow that most of us crave these days! This foundation, without a doubt, has a much fuller coverage than the NARS Sheer glow if you have ever used that. You literally need the tiniest amount of this foundation to give a good cover. It does feel weightless on the skin but build this up too much and you are in danger of a caked finish so go easy with the application. nars foundation

 What I love about this foundation is the flawless even tone it gives your skin. If you have redness or pigmentation then this is great for evening the skin tone. 
 It contains gold pigments which work to give the luminous finish and green pigments to counteract skin redness. These added pigments really do work. I have a few blotchy red patches from old scarring and when applied with a dense foundation brush I was able to cover well without using a separate concealer. This has easily and quickly made its way up in my rankings in the foundation department and is my current every day staple. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer
nars bronzerThe beauty blogger’s best friend in the form of a bronzer. I am openly admitting that Nars Laguna is hands down the best bronzer I have ever used. I judged it at first in the pan but because of so many other reviews I had read I just had to choose it and my mind was changed instantly. Whoops! As well as being an incredible bronzer, the way it looks as a contour works just as perfectly. What is surprising is that Nars bronzers come in three shades: Laguna, Irresistiblement (which I have never heard all that much about) and Casino. Mars Laguna is of course the most renowned of the three and for very good reason. The pigmentation of Nars Laguna bronzer outstanding but then again that seems to be the case with all Nars powder products. They all just rock!!! This is an almost matte bronzer but I do want to point out that it is not completely matte there is a slight and very sheer shimmer element to Laguna, it acts more of an illuminator rather that leaving glitter scattered all over your face and is subtle enough to contour with. Trust me, this bronzer is justah-mazing!
Nars Orgasm Illuminator
Most of us wish to have a luminous and glowing skin as Victoria’s Secret’s supermodels have? This is easily one of my favourite beauty buys of all time. I was literally drooling the minute I saw it. It hasn’t left my make up bag since I bought it despite the seasnars illuminatorons!! The beautiful rose gold shimmery liquid just immediately gives you that angelic and goddess like glow that is just what every body is mad about on their cheeks at the moment. The texture is as light as a feather and you can’t feel a thing when it is sitting on your skin, its such a pleasure to wear. Trust me, a little bit goes a really long way with this product!! You can wear with with literally any makeup look and that is why I love it so much!! *heart eyes*. The peachy pink shade of this product just looks incredible on any skin tone which is why I love it so much, it is so versatile. Nars have nailed it with this range and I would recommend any of their illuminators to any body craving that glow that just instantly refreshes your complexion. Its an instant pick me up product, an every day essential and a make up bag staple.
alice sig

Summer is here part 2

This blog will give you two ideas for daytime outfits on holiday and I’ve also included some good value for money bikinis that I have found.


This first idea is a navy blue kaftan I found on eBay. The prices range from £4-£15 but they’re all the same, originating in China. Shipping will therefore take a lot longer than usual however the item actually came identical to the image (which doesn’t often happen on eBay). The bikini I’ve chose to wear with it is a white flowered detail bikini from River Island. This paired with some white or gold sandals would look great in the day time on holiday.



The second idea is a white linen tie up kaftan with peach patterning. It is from Ark, originally priced at £24 but reduced to £12. I would pair this with Newlook’s peach lace detail bikini £21.99. Add white sandals/sliders to complete this look which will make your summer tan pop!



Here are some bikinis I have found online which are cheap and fashionable:


Above are all from Matalan. Neither of the four bikinis price above £10 and there are two great styles to choose from.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.44.57




Summer is here part 1

Ok so summer isn’t quite here yet but I felt a ray of sunshine this morning and got excited. This also lead to me thinking about my planned holidays. Whilst in this thought process I thought it’d be a good idea to blog about summer clothes.

In this first blog I am going to be showcasing some sandals which are being sold in stores now and which are in style for Spring/Summer 16


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Newlook black suede tie up sandals. £17.99.

Tie up sandals are very in this spring/summer. I think they will be one of the most common worn type of sandals this year. These are best worn at night time for the clubs and entertainment places as they look nice with dressy outfits. Comparing them to sliders, they wont slip off if you’re dancing and so on..



Zara 3 strap sliders with gold heel. £19.99.

These are a more stylish take of casual ‘sliders’ which became very popular in 2015. These look nice in the day time on holiday and they’re easy to slip on.


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Primark rubber sliders. £3.

The cheapest and most simple of the three sandals, these are great for slipping on to go to the beach and they’re great for going into the sea because they’re almost indestructible.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.44.57


Guest Blogger – Healthy Recipe

Following from my other healthy eating posts I asked one of my close friends, Jack, to get involved and share some of his healthy dishes that he loves to create at home. He has been kind enough to write a guest blog post for Sweet Style showing us the different recipes and combinations he has created.


As early as it is, everyone loves to think about what they will be up to in the summer and one of my favourite things to do is to sit in the garden and enjoy mimage5.JPGy meal in the nice weather, I would say sun but this is England after all and that’s a bit too hopeful.

One of my favourite dishes that I’ve created is roasted butternut squash filled with feta cheese, jalapenos and caramelised onions. It has enough flavour and ingredients to create a delicious meal, perfect for lunch or dinner but at the same time it’s super healthy and easy to make.

All you need is a few simple ingredients that can be bought cheaply from any local supermarket, which makes it a student friendly meal too!

If you want to make this yourself all you will need is a few ingredients:

  • Butternut Squash
  • Jalapenos
  • Red onions
  1. Cut the image4butternut squash in half, one half is a perfect portion for yourself.
  2. In order to caramelise the onions, heat oil in a large frying pan over low heat. Add the onions and a good pinch of salt and cook very slowly for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent them from catching.
  3. Chop jalapenos and cut the feta cheese and fill the butternut squash along with the onion
  4. Roast for 15-20 minutes in the oven and serve alongside your favourite herb! (optional)








Deli Flavour

A few weeks ago we had guest blogger Latte Leanne talk about her trip to Ninety Six Degrees, with The Tea Tour, which looked lovely. Today I had the opportunity to tag along with the group, as well as other social media groups, to check out a wonderful little place called Deli Flavour.

The Leicester based café serves a variety of organic teas and coffees to drink in their quirky environment or you can buy in bulks to take away. As well as hot drink products they also sell a variety of ales and other organic products to take away.

The drinks were all served beautifully and I can honestly say that I drank one of the best cup of teas ever, look at that magnificent cup of builders tea (below). Anyway more importantly onto food! Straight away when ordering I could tell that the quality of their food and presentation was going to be excellent and I was right! I ordered a delicious chicken, pesto and parmesan sandwich on granary bread served along side a salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Everything was so fresh and tasty! It came at a price of £4.95 for the sandwich which I am very happy about as the quality was excellent.


Another member of this little outing ordered a simple cheese and bacon toasty and couldn’t give it enough praise, he said he was in his element with that sandwich. Other members enjoyed some nice little homemade cakes, perfect for afternoon tea.


I love a good sandwich and I would defiantly recommend taking a trip to Deli Flavour to try out some of their menu. They have so much to offer and at the best quality. I think although the food was great, I was in awe with the quirky decorations and features that the café had to offer which made the experience all the better!

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.44.48


A little black dress is a necessity in any girl’s wardrobe. Whether it is a flattering bodycon, a quirky skater dress or a casual shift dress, it is an all year round must-have.3bc2c6cd75bfcc0c5d53f676404f13d1

I have decided to help you out by finding you 3 styles of little black dresses for different occasions. I will also find designer comparisons to show that you don’t always have to spend a lot to get the look you’re looking for.

Work LBD

Designer  – Selfridges – Roland Mouret £1,495.       

Roland Mouret 1495.jpg

High Street – Asos – £40.

asos 40


Going out LBD

Designer – Selfridges – Fausto Puglisi £1195

fausto puglisi 1195

High Street – Asos £12

asos 12

Casual LBD

Designer – Selfridges – Kenzo £350

shift 350


High Street – Asos £18

shift 18


So, there you have it, your favourite dress doesn’t have to leave your purse empty!








Home Made Tikka

Being at university and eating mainly freezer food and quick dinners, there’s nothing like a nice healthy home made dinner. For my fist meal home my Dad cooked up some tasty chicken tikka pittas.

To begin with he mixed together tikka paste and crémé freshé to create a marinade for the chicken, unfortunately I couldn’t give you exact measurements as my Dad just likes to throw any amount in. Anyway, once the chicken was mixed in, it was covered and put in the fridge for two hours. The chicken was later then cooked in the oven for half an hour.

Although the chicken would go with anything my Dad thought it would be best served in a pitta alongside Bombay potatoes, salad and a creamy mint yogurt sauce. First off to create the sauce; simply mix together some natural yogurt, mint sauce and a top off with a squeeze of lemon. The Bombay potatoes is basically potato salad with a twist. Add chopped spring onion, mayonnaise and some curry power into a bowl of boiled baby potatoes; season with salt and pepper. The salad can be made to your preference, we went with mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers with a hint of lemon. The pittas were store bought so we followed the instructions to cook specified for that brand.


This meal was so delicious and who knew fresh homemade meals could be so simple! The chicken would go well with pretty much anything. I’d say this dish was more suited as a summertime meal where the chicken would be better cooked, outside in the sun, on a BBQ. When cooking this make sure you do plenty so there is enough to create a lovely lunch for the next day.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.44.48


Pancakes for Tea

So me and a few fiends of mine; Leah, Shannon and Lora. Sometimes we get together of a weekend and have dinner together, a sort of student-y Come Dine with Me.

This week, my friends Shannon and Lora cooked pancakes and we had sweet and savoury pancakes for dinner, all the pancakes were home made and were delicious. All the thinks we had to chose from to put on the pancakes were as follows;

Bacon, ham, cheese, strawberries. raspberries, bananas, maple syrup, golden syrup, whipped cream, lemon curd, merengue, chocolate spread, mint chocolate chip ice cream, caramel toffee ice cream, peanut butter, two home made chocolate sauces and of course, lemon and sugar.

Needless to say we all had a feast! This was an amazing idea for a meal, especially if its for a large group of people. I highly recommend this idea, with some savvy shopping it can be done very cheaply indeed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.45.14